What you need to know about betting

What you need to know about betting
September 14, 2022

Can you always win sports bets without risk?

Easy: YOU CANNOT WIN ALWAYS and WITHOUT RISK and any person or tipster who promises you this is looking at your face!

We’re not going to fool you, betting on soccer is the os**a. It is that extra emotion that makes watching the games an experience that for more than one is a real “GOSADERA”. But the bad thing about “gosarlo” much is that the thing can get out of hand and we can not forget that we are playing with our money and no matter how much fun we have the most important thing is to play responsibly. That’s why today we bring you those tips you need to know to play wisely and not lose money betting.

If you need help with problems related to gambling and betting, we advise you to visit the page of Jugar Bien. We also remind you that participation in sports betting, casino games and other games of chance is reserved ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY for PERSONS OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE, being FORBIDDEN for MINORS. For more detailed information, please consult the following link in the Responsible Gambling section.

  • Is it always possible to win sports bets without risk?
  • Your head is not only to hold your hair, use it!
  • Expectations more false than a Rolex on Aliexpress
  • Setting limits is good

Your head is not just for holding your hair back, use it!

use your head

Because you need to always keep your head cooler than the yogurt aisle at Mercadona to never forget that this is a game and that you are here to HAVE FUN. That’s why betting on soccer can never become an obsession and if you are one of those who have less memory than a floppy disk, you can print the phrase or tattoo it on your forehead. Because if at any moment you stop being aware that betting is a game you will go straight and in free fall to lose your money. Just to make sure it’s clear, YOU BET FOR FUN AND TO TRY TO MAKE MONEY, end of story.

Expectations more false than a Rolex from Aliexpress

We know, if you’ve come this far it’s because you’ve been googling about betting for a while. And if you have been googling on the subject you will have seen that the internet is full of miraculous strategies that assure you 100% that you will have more money than Mayweather in less than a month. Well, you don’t need to be a detective, or have a lie detector, to realize that you are being fooled. Keep in mind that only 10% of registered bookmakers make money, so if you want to be among the chosen ones you’d better understand that if you want to win betting you have to dedicate time and specialize on it. Miracles to Lourdes.

Setting limits is good

Setting limits is good

And very necessary because if you go crazy, and acting on impulse, you will end up with less money than Florentino trying to sign Neymar to PSG. You can set two types of limits, the first one is economic. Set yourself a limit of money and dedicate to bet only money that if for whatever reason you lose, it will not be a drama to make ends meet without being chased by the debt collector. And the other limit you should set yourself is the time you dedicate to betting, even if you are on a roll, and do not stop winning, set yourself a time limit per day, or week, to make your bets. If you don’t, I can tell you how it will end up, you will get overheated and your Bankroll will disappear faster than Benzema in important matches. Besides all this, think that our brain tricks us making us take decisions that can lead us to lose, so setting limits is FUNDAMENTAL.


By all means, if you really want to bet on soccer follow these basic tips. We don’t want to be like your mother and have to tell you one day the 3 words that nobody wants to hear: “I TOLD YOU SO”.

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